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This tour, being one of the representative DMZ tours, takes tourists to see the 3rd tunnel and Panmunjom. The tour was originally provided only to VIP guests, but we decided to provide a larger number of foreigners.In the morning, tourists will board the on foot or monorail to tour the 3rd Tunnel, and in the afternoon, a visit will be made to Panmunjom.This is our most popular tour for foreigners, as visitors can tour the 3rd tunnel and Panmunjom in just one day at a relatively low price.
- You can tour both the 3rd Tunnel and Panmunjom, which are each usually scheduled as a full day tour, in just one day.
– The tour is provided except every Monday and Sunday and National Holiday and on designated No Tour days. (may be subject to change depending on Panmunjom circumstances.)
– Japanese and English tour guides are provided.
You will be able to take the monorail into the 3rd Tunnel.
To provide Korean and foreign visitors with a safe and convenient means of touring the 3rd Tunnel area, Paju City built a railway within the tunnel area and has been operating a shuttle bus system that runs from the Dora Observatory to the Dora Mountain Station.Through the cooperation of Paju City and the North Gyeonggi Tourism Conference, our travel agency provides exclusive railway tour services into this area at specified times each day for a set number of people.
- All foreigners who have a passport can apply up to 3 day before the desired tour date.
– Designated countries can apply to the Panmunjom tour at least 4 daysbefore the tour day.
– When you apply it, we need a copy of Passport.

Departure from Hotel President 3F. “TOUR DMZ”
08:10~ 09:30
Move to Destination (Freedom Highway)
09:30~ 10:00
Tour of Freedom Bridge in Imjingak Park
10:00~ 10:10
Pass through Unification Bridge (Passport Check)
10:10~ 11:10
Tour of 3rd Tunnel (on foot or monorail) / DMZ Exhibition
11:10~ 11:40
Tour of Dora Observatory
11:40~ 12:10
Tour of Dorasan Station
12:10~ 12:30
Tour of Unification Village (in the Bus)
12:30~ 13:40
Lunch (Bulgogi)
13:40~ 14:00
Pass through Unification Bridge
14:00~ 14:15
Arrive at Camp Bonifas
14:15~ 14:50
Slide show on JSA
14:50~ 16:50
JSA (Panmunjom) tour
(Advanced camp-Freedom house-Conference room-Foot bridge)
Leave for Seoul
Arrival in Seoul
May be subject to change due to military conditions or natural calamity.
Tour Fee
- TOUR FEE: 140,000won
– Please take note of the cancellation charge. 100% of fee is charged if reservation is cancelled 2 days before the tour day.
– Round trip travel expense, DMZ tour guide fee and lunch fee included.
– Please take note of the cancellation charges:
The Panmunjom JSA being an area where North and South Korea soldiers co-exist, a word of caution must be given to the tourists visiting the area and the following instructions must be followed.
1. You must come to the tour desk 20 minutes before the departure time.
2. You must have your passport with you on the tour.
3. Children of the age 11 or below are not allowed on the tour.
4. No drinking of alcohol is allowed before the tour.
5. You must follow the instructions of your tour guide while on the tour.
6. As this is a special military site that can undergo sudden schedule changes or cancellations due to scheduling of conferences, military training or VIP visits, please be sure to reconfirm your reservation on the day before the tour.
7. Dress code: The following is not allowed
● Ripped jeans(except normal jeans), Tank tops or sleeveless shirts, Short pants, Mini-skirts, Workout or exercised clothing of any kind including track pant, gym shorts, stretch pants or warm-up suits
● Shower shoes, slippers, flip-flops or sandals, opened-toe shoes
● T-shirts, “Biker” attire such as leather vests and leather riding chaps, military style
8. If a part of tour schedule is cancelled by unexpected condition of Panmunjom, No refund.
TEL : 82-2-755-1650 / FAX: 82-2-755-0086
E-mail : jsatour@gmail.com