Demiltarized Zone

The DMZ, which separates North and South Korea, is a remnant of the Korean war.
This heartbreaking place is a symbol of Korean division and the most important military spot in Korea.
Visiting the DMZ will be a meaningful experience allowing you to feel and understand the true reality of Korean division.

Panmunjom tour

Panmunjom tour

Panmunjom in the DMZ is the only place where it is possible for South and North Korea to hold talks. It is a historic place that holds significance of representing the tension and conflict that existed during the Cold War and is testimony to the division of the Korean Peninsula.

The 3rd Tunnel tour

To provide Korean and foreign visitors with a safe and convenient means of touring the 3rd Tunnel area, Paju City built a railway within the tunnel area and has been operating a shuttle bus system that runs from the Dora Observatory to the Dora Mountain Station.
Through the cooperation of Paju City and the North Gyeonggi Tourism Conference, our travel agency provides exclusive railway tour services into this area at specified times each day for a set number of people.

Combined tour

This tour, being one of the representative DMZ tours, takes tourists to see the 3rd tunnel and Panmunjom. The tour was originally provided only to VIP guests, but we decided to provide a larger number of foreigners.
In the morning, tourists will board the on foot or monorail to tour the 3rd Tunnel, and in the afternoon, a visit will be made to Panmunjom.